Product Description

The gold-plated souvenir coin depicts Holy Saint Florian which is one of the most venerated Christian saints. He is the saint patron of Poland, because his relics are kept in Krakow, and Linz in Austria, because Florian is believed to be born in Upper Austria region. According to the legend, Florian was a secretly converted to Christianity Roman soldier and was martyred for his faith by other Romans in the year of 304 AD. The image of St. Florian is traditionally associated with water, the saint protects against fire and drought. Saint Florian is the holy patron of numerous professions, but is widely known as the saint patron of firefighters. The German-speaking world even uses the name Florian as the synonym for fireman. One can see the canonical image of St. Florian in his Roman legionary garb minted on the token. The holy man holds the flag and a jar of water pouring it on the burning house. To the left of the Florian the modern firefighter is depicted. There are legends along the rim of the coin saying “Holy Florian” and “Patron Saint of Firefighters”. The reverse side of the coin contains the prayer to Saint Florian in English.